Our Story

Dellwood Designs is a family owned and operated business, run and managed by Caitlin and Kathleen Curtis - an iconic mother-daughter duo who bring a diverse set of passions and talents to everything they create.

Caitlin Curtis, Brand Artist, is an avid gardener, adventure seeker and project manager.  She uses her love of nature and the outdoors as inspiration for her work. Growing up, Caitlin always loaded her schedule with art and design classes,  constantly striving to improve her skills and satisfy her craving to create something beautiful.  After receiving encouragement from several influential art teachers and professors to pursue art as a career, Caitlin began to focus on the possibility of turning this passion of hers into a business.  

Kathleen Curtis, Brand Designer, has had an eclectic professional career. Originally in Corporate Supply Forecasting, Kathleen’s desire to be more creative motivated her to partner with her mother in opening a tearoom. While she enjoyed creating a beautiful space at the tearoom, after several years she was ready for a new challenge.  She found this in the world of admissions working as the Admissions Director at a local private highschool,  but Kathleen still felt her career lacked the freedom to create. At this point she decided to step away from this highly stressful job to fulfill her passion.  

Come fall 2019,  we decided to turn our passions into a business to share with the world.  As COVID-19 spread, more and more people needed high quality face masks to protect themselves from this new super virus.  As a mother-daughter team we began making one of a kind face masks for family and friends in hopes of helping others feel a bit safer during these unsettling times.  We gave them away as gifts, but over time, people asked for more masks and encouraged us to start selling them --  and that is where Dellwood Designs began.  

Since creating Dellwood Designs, we have expanded our repertoire from our original face masks to include original art, home goods and seasonal items, all designed and created by us.  Our goal at Dellwood Designs is to provide others with the ability to turn any space into a home through art and design. We plan to grow our business as we work to make the world a bit more beautiful, one space at a time. 

Together, we have built a company that is proud to have its products available at The Antique Exchange, Makers of Maryland Shop, REI, Route One Apparel, Smyth Jewelers, The Turnover Shop, and our own Etsy Shop and website.  We also participate in festivals and pop-up markets throughout the Baltimore, MD.